HuteK Products


He more effective solution for evaporative cooling and humidification. Very hot and very dry climates could have devastating.

CeLPad "Black+"

CeLPad "Black+" is developped specially for harsh and tough condition. Special "Black+" protective coating prevents CeLPad surface from constantly exposing to extreme environment such as dirt, sand storm, and risk of bacterial and algae growth.

CeLPad "S"

CeLPad "S" is developped with performance in mind, to obtain the maximum efficiency at minimum space requirement. A 5mm flute height design delivers approximately 690 square meters of evaporation surface per 1 cubic meter of CeLPad "S".


Complete frame system for the more efficient evaporative cooling system. A perfect complementary to CeLPad.


A more efficient and more affordbale alternative to conventional screen fogging. FoGPad is mostly suitable for Swine and Dairy applications.


An optimal solution for controlling your evaporative cooling system

ProFlute Desiccant Rotors

ProFlute Desiccant Rotors For The More Efficient Dehumidification Solution HuTek introduces ProFlute, the next generation Desiccant Rotor. Designed for high performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and long service life.

Desiccant Dehumidifier

HuTek UD-Series: Range of Standard desiccant dehumidifiers with process air flows from 1,000 CMH to 20,000 CMH. These units are completed with desiccant rotor, filters, fans, heaters, electrical components and internal wiring, with optional built-in pre-cool and/or after-cool units.