In the wake of the pandemic sweeping our communities, Asia Poly has identified the need of plexiglass screen dividers to help maintain social distancing and physical separation intended for offices and public spaces.

Malaysia’s largest cell-cast acrylic sheet manufacturer– Asia Poly has a long-standing track record for producing only the highest quality acrylic sheets armed with decades’ wealth of experience, a highly accomplished workforce and leading-edge technology to ensure the delivery of top-notch quality products.

Manufactured from 100% Virgin Methyl Methacrylate monomer (MMA), A-Cast® sheets are light weighted, UV stable, weather resistant and available in a wide range of bespoke color combinations to fit into any organisation’s brand identity or to blend light fittings with the surrounding interior.

High Quality Cast Acrylic Sheet With Multiple Applications





Lightweight material and 10x stronger than glass

Available in both transparent and colours

Easy to clean and disinfect

Easy to fabricate into your preferred design

Long-term solution against bacterial or virus spreading

Suitable for: Office work spaces, food courts / canteens, production lines, public transportation, self-service stations, check-in counters and more.

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Why Asia Poly?

At Asia Poly, our customized, flexible and versatile plexiglass solutions are at the heart of what and how we function—formulated to revolutionise offices into functional, stunning workspaces while assuring a safe and hygienic working environment at all times.

This is because we understand how spaces influence an environment and so we let you choose from a wide palette of colours and materials how you would like to define your workspace in the name of fostering creativity, collaboration and productivity with plexiglass.

Worry about damaging your dividers with detergents?

Our tried-and-tested acrylic screen dividers can withstand even the most abrasive of cleaning and disinfectant solutions there is. Did we also mention that it can be customized in various sizes, shapes, and colors to accommodate our customer’s preferences?

This is your go-to solution that is perfect for the likes of work-stations, self-service stations, retail shops and check-in counters in various sectors including the likes of F&B, banking & financial, property, medical & health, education and transportation.

Come join us in this battle against Covid-19 with our flexible and versatile solutions designed to be as friendly as possible across all users and spaces.

With Asia Poly, you can say Hello! To our social distancing screens that are easy to assemble while facilitating social distancing and physical barrier measures for offices and public spaces.

Together let us all do our part in flattening the curve for a better future ahead!