A-Cast Acrylic Sheets

A-cast Acrylic Sheets

Asia Poly’s brand of A-Cast® cast acrylic sheet is manufactured from 100% Virgin Methyl Methacrylate monomer (MMA) sourced exclusively from reputable and reliable suppliers. Asia Poly utilise the cell-cast production process, maximizing the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the A- Cast® sheet for use in a wide range of applications.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, A-Cast® is produced in small batch quantities which in turn offer the flexibility to produce an extensive range of colours, finishes and effects with colour matching service also available.

While this batch process delivers significant flexibility in the product mix with a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses, other benefits of A-Cast cell cast acrylic arise from its molecular structure and inherent physical properties which include:

  • Clear sheet with a light transmission and optical clarity higher than that of glass at 93%.
  • High gloss surface finish as standard with single-sided and dual-sided matt options.
  • Half the weight of glass with five times the strength so less liable to breakage.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering means the material is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Excellent surface hardness for abrasion resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance so durable and easily cleaned.
  • Thermoplastic so can be recycled into other products and itself.
  • These physical properties of the product, including the ability to be readily fabricated, formed and cemented, lend it to many different applications including both functional and aesthetic uses.

A-Cast Clear

A-Cast® Clear has an unrivaled clarity with a light transmission of 93%. Coupled with the material’s inherent UV-stability, A-Cast® Clear will maintains its transparency after 10 years of outdoor exposure.

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A-Cast Opals

A-Cast® opals are ideal for a clean, contemporary design scheme and include products, specifically optimized for back-lit lighting applications.

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A-Cast Glass-Look

A-Cast® Glass-Look has the appearance of green tint glass coupled with the mechanical properties of cast acrylic, including five times the impact strength, significantly reducing the possibility of breakages.

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A-Cast Colours

A-Cast® is available in a wide range of standard colours with transparent, translucent and opaque options. Asia Poly also have the capability to colour match to a sample or reference in relatively low quantities.

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A-Cast Fluorescent

A-Cast® Fluorescent has a vivid surface colour which is further accentuated in the edge of the sheet which appears to glow in ambient light as though it is a light source.

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A-Cast Silk (1SMF)

A-Cast® Silk has a matt texture on one side of the sheet, reducing glare and giving an appearance similar to etched glass. Available in clear and a wide range of colours for a variety of applications.

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A-Cast Frost (2SMF)

A-Cast® Frost has a matt texture on both sides of the sheet, reducing glare and giving an appearance similar to etched glass. Available in clear and a wide range of colours for a variety of applications.

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A-Cast Edge-Lit

A-Cast® Edge-Lit products utilise dispersed particulate technology to enable LED edge lighting with a bright, even illumination in to the centre of the panel.

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A-Cast Neutrals

A-Cast® is available in a range of neutral tints that can be used in a number of applications and in particular, glazing for caravans, motorhomes and for the marine glazing market.

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Black & White

Asia Poly have developed a range of speciality products for glazing which includes heat- saving products that reflect solar heat in the summer and retain internal heat in the winter. For signage, A-Cast® Black & White is a single product that delivers maximum contrast and therefore, maximum visibility day and night.

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Sanitary Ware

A-Cast® is available as a specially formulated, cross-linked cast acrylic sheet which has an enhanced chemical resistance for use with a range of household cleaning products. Readily thermoformed, the material is accredited to EN 263, for use in sanitary ware products including bath manufacture.

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