Superlon insulation

Superlon insulation

Cosmo Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd. are the exclusive importer of superlon insulation in india. Superlon Insulation materials are engineered with the highest standard. Our closed cell characteristic is the key component to an effective insulator by providing a barrier between the pipe’s surface and atmospheric conditions.

Low thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance:
Superlon Insulation materials are produced with a high percentage of closed cells.

Superlon Insulation Materials are Low allergen:
Superlon Insulation materials are dust and fiber free which do not present any health related hazards.

Superlon Insulation Materials are Eco Friendly:
Superlon Insulation materials have zero Ozone Depleting Potential, zero Global Warming Potential and low Volatile Organic Compounds. Applying Superlon Insulation materials properly also helps to reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and heating units.

Superlon Insulation Materials are Aesthetically pleasing:
Although Superlon Insulation materials are mainly black in color, the surface of the skin is smooth presenting a respectable finish on any given job type. Color products are also available.

Superlon Insulation Material are Superior fire performance:
Superlon Insulation materials are available in Class 1, Class 0 and FM Approved. In addition, Superlon Insulation materials have a high oxygen index. .

Superlon Insulation Materials are Fast and easy installation:
Superlon Insulation materials are very flexible allowing installers to fabricate, cut to specific shapes, sizes and fittings for fast and efficient installations.